Building Approvals

Assessment Process

  1. Submit documents as per the Residential Building Application Checklist.  Electronic lodgement is the preferred method.
  2. When an application is "properly made" a notice of engagement will be lodged with Council.
  3. Assessment of the application will commence,  Council applications are made eg. Plumbing & Drainage and the Energy Efficiency Assessment will be completed.
  4. Within 5 days applications are assessed. The application will either be ready for approval or a request for information will be issued.
  5. Decision Stage- the application is approved and approved documents are electronically stamped and emailed to the applicant/builder, owner and council.
  6. Building work can commence.
  7. Inspections of stages of building work.
  8. Certificates submitted.
  9. Form 21 issued
  10. Copies of documents emailed to applicant/builder, owner and council.

Building Application Forms

Building Forms

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